Healthy & Young Blood Vessels, Even At Old Age

As we age, blood vessels become more susceptible to clogs and stiffness. A new study published in Hypertension suggests that healthy blood vessels may be achievable even in people aged 70 or older. Healthy lifestyle factors and intake of right nutrients are pivotal in keeping blood vessels healthy and young. This not only protects you from heart attack and stroke, but also protects you from cognitive impairment, erectile dysfunction and many more. Unclogged and elastic blood vessels are the two crucial criteria for a healthy vascular system.

Clogged arteries

result from plaque build-up. This narrows the channel within the artery, which reduces blood flow. Consequently, lesser oxygen and nutrients will reach the body tissues. Over the time, the plaque may rupture and trigger a blood clot to form. A clot may further narrow the artery, or completely block it. If a blood clot completely blocks the blood supply to the heart muscle, then a heart attack occurs. If the blood clot blocks an artery supplying blood to the brain, then stroke occurs. Nattokinase NSK-SD® is the key to clear out clogged arteries. It unclogs arteries by aiding to remove arterial plaques and blood clots. Click here to find out more.

Stiff arteries

result from progressive fragmentation and loss of elastin fibres, and accumulation of stiffer collagen fibres in the arterial wall. Aorta, the main and largest artery originating from the heart, is the most elastic artery, featuring an incredibly high elastin content (~50%). This elasticity helps the aorta to maintain a relatively constant blood pressure despite the continuous pumping action of the heart. With ageing, the aorta loses its elasticity and become stiff, leading to development of high blood pressure. This increased arterial stiffness also significantly increases the risk of heart failure, heart attack, stroke, sudden death, cognitive decline and chronic kidney disease. Elastin F is the key to restore the lost elasticity. This unprecedented elastin peptides triggers the body to synthesis more elastin, which helps prevent and/or reverse vessel stiffening, which in turn is a potent therapeutic strategy to manage high blood pressure. Click here to find out more.

10 Warning Signs of Clogged & Stiff Arteries

Chest pain

Heart palpitation

Shortness of breath

Cold or numb hands and feet

Painful limbs

Lower back pain

Loss of vision

Fatigue & dizziness

Erectile dysfunction

Excessive sweating

10 Simple Steps for Vascular Health

Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise
Regular exercise

With its naturally strong fibrinolytic activity, nattokinase helps remove blood clots and promoting healthy blood flow and cardiovascular function. Not just including the most researched Nattokinase NSK-SD® to help clear blood clots, VesseCLEAR EX and VesseCLEAR CX is additionally formulated with powerful ingredients which improves blood vessel flexibility and improve overall heart health.


Anna Lim

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Anna Lim, , Celebrity DJ
Allan Tan

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Allan Tan, , 44 years old