A: Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted from a popular traditional Japanese food, “natto” that dates back to more than 1000 years. Nattokinase is proven to have strong fibrinolytic activity that can help to dissolve fibrin, a web-like structure that forms the basis of blood clot. Since nattokinase is effective in breaking down blood clot (thrombus), it has been used as a natural remedy for heart and circulatory diseases. NSK-SD® (Natural Super Kinase-Sprayed Dried) is a proprietary nattokinase developed by Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd, the world leader and pioneer in nattokinase. It is extracted from non-GMO soybeans which were fermented with Bacillus subtilis natto, via a proprietary process (Patents: JP3834048, JP3881494) to result in high purity, maximal bioavailability and stability. The safety and efficacy of NSK-SD® has been affirmed in numerous human clinical studies.

Gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX® is extracted and refined from non-GMO rice bran oil of Oryza sativa Linne (Gramineae).  It is research proven to normalise high cholesterol and triglyceride levels to a healthy level. Triglycerides and cholesterol are fatty substances in the blood, which may contribute to the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Elevated levels of these fatty substances are suggested as a possible cause of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Atherosclerosis occurs when fat, cholesterol and other substances build up in the walls of arteries and form plaque deposits. Over the years, these plaques increase in size and gradually obstruct the blood flow in the arteries. The worst happens when the cholesterol plaque ruptures and cause a blood clot to form over the it; this blockage could trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Gamma oryzanol has been sold in Japan since 1962. It is a not a single compound but a mixture of ferulic acid esters (beneficial compounds) with phytosterols. Increasing number of studies are indicating the safety, efficacy and health benefits of gamma oryzanol. Gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX® is highly safe, with FDA GRAS approved in 2019 and has passed stringent tests for acute and chronic toxicity, teratogenicity and carcinogenicity. This highly stable ingredient can be absorbed rapidly into bloodstream and cross blood-brain barrier easily to effect its benefit on the nervous system. Gamma oryzanol is supported by extensive research; it has been proven to provide a wide spectrum of health benefits, which includes reducing cholesterol and triglycerides levels, stress relief, relieving anxiety and post-menopausal symptoms, supporting healthy central nervous system, providing antioxidant protection and supporting strong muscle strength.

A: No, it does not contain vitamin K2. When looking for a quality nattokinase, always look for the one with the vitamin K2 removed. Natto is one of the richest sources of vitamin K2, which is known to reduce the effectiveness of Warfarin (anticoagulant) and thus, avoided by Warfarin users. By removing most or all of the vitamin K2 during the production of NSK-SD®, any potential adverse drug interactions with Warfarin would be eliminated. However, always it is advisable to consult your physician before taking VesseCLEAR CX along with medications.


A: Although the production of nattokinase involves the use of soy medium, the remaining soy residue left after nattokinase extraction and purification is very minimal. However, we do advise you to consult your physician if you have an allergy to soy.

A: No, it would not. VesseCLEAR CX Nattokinase NSK-SD® is an enzyme extracted and purified from natto through a patented process and the purine content is removed. On the other hand, if you eat natto (the food form) which is high in purine, it may increase your blood uric acid levels and could exacerbate your gout condition.

A: The safety of VesseCLEAR CX Nattokinase NSK-SD® has been tested in various human clinical studies. In addition, the raw materials sourced for the making of nattokinase NSK-SD® have been certified non-GMO, meaning no genetically modified organisms were used in the manufacturing process. The other key ingredient, gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX® is extracted from non-GMO rice bran oil. It is a highly safe ingredient with FDA GRAS approved in 2019 and had passed stringent tests for acute and chronic toxicity, teratogenicity and carcinogenicity.

A: As nattokinase NSK-SD® starts to dissolve harmful clots in the blood vessels within the day of intake, most consumers could notice an improvement to their cold hands and feet on the day of intake. In addition, VesseCLEAR CX would also help relieve numb, swollen and cramping limbs, stiff shoulder, varicose veins and chronic fatigue. Long-term consumption of VesseCLEAR CX is associated with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels, as well as emotional stability and increased physical and mental fitness.

A: Yes, VesseCLEAR CX supports healthy blood circulation and promotes smooth blood flow throughout the body. As one ages, his triglyceride and cholesterol levels tend to accelerate and blood is likely to thicken, this increases the risk of plaque build-up and the development of harmful blood clots that clog the blood vessels. Gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX® in VesseCLEAR CX helps to normalise high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels so as to reduce the risk of plaque formation; while nattokinase NSK-SD® helps dissolve harmful clots in the blood vessels and prevent future clot formation. These two proprietary ingredients work synergistically to support healthy blood flow and circulation.

A: Yes. VesseCLEAR CX Nattokinase NSK-SD® was research proven to reduce elevated blood pressure of hypertensive subjects. NSK-SD® is a powerful enzyme that breaks up fibrin clotting agents naturally. This action could help to clear obstruction and improve the blood flow, thereby, supporting healthy blood pressure. However, individuals who are taking prescription blood thinner are advised to consult their physician before taking VesseCLEAR CX.

A: No, it will not. VesseCLEAR CX Nattokinase NSK-SD® dissolves fibrin in the clot, which is then excreted out of the body by the kidneys. It will no longer be around to cause problems to the body.

A: VesseCLEAR CX is intended for regular consumption by adults, especially those who are over 40 years old and highly stressed, have relatively high cholesterol, triglycerides or blood pressure level or high blood viscosity. It is also suitable for individuals with higher risks or compromised cardiovascular health such as irregular heartbeat, chest pain, history of stroke, etc. Those with poor blood circulation, such as cold or numb hands and feet, varicose vein as well as deep vein thrombosis are also encouraged to take VesseCLEAR CX. Besides, this formula also supports healthy ageing by providing antioxidant protection and relieving post-menopausal symptoms. Please consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements if you have or have had any health condition.

A: The recommended daily dosage is 3 capsules, which contains 100mg of nattokinase NSK-SD® providing 2,000 FU of activity, 300 mg gamma oryzanol (extracted from non-GMO rice bran oil) and 5mg of BioPerine black pepper extract. These active ingredients are in functional dosage, developed to support healthy blood lipids and clean blood vessels.

A: FU stands for fibrin units, which is an activity unit that quantifies an enzyme’s ability to dissolve the fibrin of blood clots. Nattokinase is measured in FU as opposed to milligrams or international units. This is officially adopted by the Japan NattoKinase Association (JNKA) and the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association (JHFA) as the standard measurement of nattokinase activity.

A: No, VesseCLEAR CX is a natural supplement. It is not a medicine and hence, no prescription is required.

A: Yes, it is suitable for vegetarian. VesseCLEAR CX is formulated with nattokinase NSK-SD® and gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX®. Nattokinase NSK-SD® is extracted from non-GMO soybeans which were fermented with Bacillus subtilis natto via a patented proprietary process; while FDA GRAS approved ORYZA GAMMAX® is extracted from non-GMO rice bran oil.

A: Yes, you can. However, do keep a 2-hour gap between VesseCLEAR CX and medications to ensure that the efficacy of VesseCLEAR CX is not compromised. Individuals on blood thinning therapy should seek medical advice before taking.

A: According to clinical studies, VesseCLEAR CX Nattokinase NSK-SD® (3 doses of 2,000 FU a day) was safely administered along with heparin (3,800 IU twice a day by hypodermic injection) and antiplatelet drug (150 – 325 mg aspirin or clopidogrel). In addition, nattokinase NSK-SD® was also safely administered as a complement to warfarin at dosage up to 3,400 FU (2 doses of 1,700 FU) per day. However, the use of VesseCLEAR CX along with medications should be done under the close supervision of a physician and regular blood monitoring is important. It is possible that taking nattokinase while you  are on blood thinner may reduce the required dosage for the medication. Please consult your physician for guidance on this.


A: Nattokinase NSK-SD® and gamma oryzanol ORYZA GAMMAX® in VesseCLEAR CX have not been studied for use during pregnancy and nursing. If you are pregnant or nursing, we strongly encourage you to consult your physician before taking any supplements.

A: Although both ginkgo and nattokinase help improve blood flow, both of them work through different pathways. Ginkgo appears to dilate small blood vessels and make blood less sticky, thereby increasing blood flow to the legs, ears, eyes and brain. On the other hand, nattokinase improves blood flow by dissolving blood clots (obstruction) in the blood vessels, inhibiting platelet accumulation and delaying thrombus (blood clot) formation. Research found that ginkgo does not prevent heart attack, stroke or death, whereas nattokinase is suggested by research as a powerful prophylactic approach for heart attack and stroke.

A: Yes, VesseCLEAR CX helps support healthy immunity by enhancing the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which are immune cells that play a key role in defense against viral infections. The recommended dosage is 4,000 FU nattokinase NSK-SD® (4 capsules of VesseCLEAR CX) in a single dose.