Unique features of Elastin F

Elastin F extracted from bonito fish is the key to supporting healthy and elastic blood vessels. Several superior properties of Elastin F make it distinguishable from the rest.

Highly safe

Elastin F is a highly safe ingredient; its safety has been confirmed in various studies:

High stability with unique elastic property

Unlike other proteins such as fish skin-derived collagen, Elastin F is the only protein with specific cross-linking amino acids – Desmosine and Isodesmosine. They are highly resistant to heat and acidic conditions and hence, are able to support the elasticity of blood vessels.

High bioavailability

With a proprietary enzymatic technology that derives low-molecular-weight peptides, Elastin F is readily dissolved in water and easily absorbed in the body. From the analysis, approximately 80% of the elastin peptides have a molecular weight ≤ 1000.